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We are a multinational company specializing in writing and consulting services for modern business plans. Our team helps to reveal new opportunities and determine pitfalls for existing projects, arising startups, and emerging ideas.

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Business plan writing: Why opt for our team?

You can risk neither your reputation nor financial resources when it deals with such a serious project as a business plan. A vetted company is precisely what you require in this situation, and we fully correspond to this image

A focus on the practical results
Unlike some consultants in the sphere of business strategies, we avoid giving vague recommendations and unsupported figures. Our business planning is about tangible outcomes and well-founded decisions. All the costs and profits are precisely calculated.
A wide specialization

We have established our company to assist learners and businessmen to develop commercial ideas. Our expertise is significant enough to compose a business plan for any modern project, beginning from a single-person startup and to a big corporation.

Convenient terms of cooperation

Our clients have various requests and situations, and we can offer an optimal solution to everyone. One can count on flexible terms and an individual approach from our firm. It is about the most suitable combination of the volume of work, time frames, and, prices.

Business plan help: Reliability matters a lot

We respect the rights of every customer and ensure online safety and compliance with all terms. This principle helps us to win a solid reputation throughout the globe and establish long-term cooperation with many of our clients.

Risk-free communication

All the data and messages are carefully protected by state-of-the-art software and our confidentiality rules. We do not use bots — a professional consultant is responsible for the chat and file exchange.

Financial safety

Our payment procedure is transparent and secure. Clients send us money via vetted systems (for instance, PayPal). We do not disclose any information concerning financial operations.

Decent quality

We write every business plan in accordance with contemporary standards, peculiarities of the industry, and client’s wishes. All these terms are mentioned in the Order Form or discussed individually.

Meeting deadlines

Time is decisive for both students’ assignments and commercial projects. Our professional capacity is enough to compose business plans in the shortest possible terms.

We transform your little ideas into real plans and profitable businesses. Place your order now!

Business plan writing service: Who we are

Employees are the main driving force and the source of intellectual power for our accomplishments. We are among successful companies that have managed to build and hold a big group of true experts.
In fact, our business plan writing service implies the joint effort of the entire team

  • Market research specialists conduct marketing research: analyze your industry, target customer, rival companies, etc.
  • Experts in small businesses bring you success in sole proprietorships and small-case businesses.
  • Investment consultants know everything about loans, funding, investors for your business.
  • Strategists create long-term business plans for entrepreneurs.
  • Accounting and finance specialists are good at analysis of the economic part of the business plan.
  • Narrow specialists are responsible for consulting on little-researched niches of business, specific technology, little-known production process, etc.
  • Business writers compose the text of your business plan, beginning from the executive summary and to the last symbol. In case of a big order, we organize a group of specialists to work on your project. Representatives of our company are all so different due to the specifics of professional fields. Meantime, some qualities are common to all staff.
Skills and characteristics of our employees
  • Forward-thinking
    The talent to notice patterns and foresee events in the business world is decisive for creating business plans. Our employees explain solutions: every strategy is data-driven.
  • Self-discipline
    Our experts have excellent time-management skills. The talent to work according to tight schedules is essential to create your business plan on time.
  • Intelligence and erudition
    Intellectual skills enable us to analyze information properly, see a big number of business directions, choose the most suitable strategy.
  • Broad imagination
    Sometimes, the best business solutions are established due to a non-standard approach. Our specialists can create a successful creative plan for your company.
  • A progressive approach
    Personal growth goes hand in hand with the professional one. Our staff constantly develop their skills, monitor business trends, learn marketing courses, etc.
  • Enthusiasm
    The passion for business projects raises our internal motivation. Our employee strives to write a really good plan for your firm, as it is a matter of his/her interest.

The path from your idea to success can be shorter if you have a real plan. This is precisely what we offer here to our customers. Order now — we have prepared a nice bonus!

FAQ on business plans

The business plan service implies the creation of documents and providing related assistance necessary to support the business decisions. In our case, these services cover:

  • business plan writing (research, composing the texts, creating visual objects);
  • consultations on the written business project and details of cooperation;
  • editing of the initial draft.

It could cost you about $1000 to order a good business project. Yet we cannot say for sure since plenty of factors influence the price:

  • results you expect from the service (i.e. the number of pages, the necessity to search for additional specific information);
  • the popularity of the company or (and) the writer (top firms can overcharge their services);
  • the situation on the market of writing services (a big number of competitors among business plan agencies results in lower prices for their services).

Our team identifies the following plans in accordance with the manner of presentation and the scale of the project:

  • the shortest plans, aka mini-plans (the most compact version of the business plan, works well for small business);
  • presentations (include slides, visual objects; we complete them for oral reports);
  • comprehensive standard plans (serious tools applied to run the business, evaluate ongoing and capital costs, predict sales growth);
  • so-called ‘what-if plans’ (additional B plans, i.e. a plan for a bank loan).

It all starts with a unique idea. Find it at the intersection of your passion, expertise, and expectations of your potential customers.

A well-thought-out business plan from our professionals can help you with all the necessary calculations (operations costs, office expenses, capital investments, etc.).

  1. Choose your niche (financial consulting, IT, eco-friendly business are popular today).
  2. Learn the current situation (conduct marketing research, analyze current businesses, discover investment opportunities, etc.).
  3. Think about a unique product that can be better than competitors’ offers.
  4. Compose a business plan (or order it here).
  5. Analyze the financial parameters of your project (you might require additional funding to start your business).