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How to use our sample business plans

Crucial projects require serious preparations. One needs to receive theoretical knowledge on how it all works and study practical cases to evaluate the reality. We have decided to share some most successful excerpts from our business plans to demonstrate our serious approach to the writing service and bring value to our readers.

Take our sample business plan as a source of inspiration
The process of work on your order begins with the analysis and reviews. Our assistants study the requirements of your order, examine the market, companies that can be your competitors, funding opportunities, partners, trends in your business community, etc.
Learn how to write a business plan
It is our belief that the best way to explain something is to show a good example. Whatever type of business you want to start, you must know how to evaluate your profits and costs. The plan is just that document that organizes this information.
Extend your business mindset horizons
We will be glad if our article awakens your entrepreneurial spirit. When reading good examples of successful businesses, you might want to establish a startup in a certain industry. Let your ideas arise today and bring you commercial success in the nearest future!

Writing a business plan: Explanations based on examples

The business plan implies a well-grounded model of your future project. It is aimed to show a real picture of the enterprise, as well as give fact-based predictions on how things can go. When writing a business plan, our team sets the following goals:
  • Is the project worth the investment?
  • When is it possible to earn a certain level of profit?
  • What are the strong and weak parts of the product or service?
There is a great variety of business plans depending on the goals and industries. (The below figures, names, and facts are given for illustrative purposes, just to show the basis of the sample business plan. They cannot be taken for real business plans as they differ from reality. It is because we respect intellectual property). So, let’s get started!
The title list
This first page is the face of your project. It contains the name of the company, its logo, motto.
Executive summary
Fast facts Headquarter: Saint Paul, Minnesota Market size: $1.37 billion (USA), constantly growing Potential market share of the enterprise (local business): 25% Average industry profit margin: $175 000 Target audience: Students, families; amateur sportsmen, fans of the healthy lifestyle; tourists
Depiction of the company
BikeryMN is an enterprise specializing in organizing cycle tours and renting out bicycles for citizens and guests of Minnesota.
Our mission
To make people healthier and happier by our bicycle tour and rental services. Fresh air, the beauty of nature, new emotions, moderate physical activity, — that’s what you need in today’s world.
Goods and services
We have decided to combine both bicycles renting and tour services. This format of business enables us to minimize risks related to restrictions. If it is forbidden to organize tours with big groups of people, customers can simply rent bikes and enjoy the individual rides. Besides, such diversification allows us to win more clients.
Employees (the team overview)
The management system is simple and effective. Two co-founders are CEOs. There is a manager assisting them to coordinate staff. The team of employees also comprises of:
  • two sales managers (aka office managers),
  • four assistants responsible for the rental service,
  • two tour guides,
  • two repairmen.
Market analysis
The statistics of bike rental businesses show that 7 rental centers can successfully work in the city with a population 300 000 people. The total average number of citizens in Minneapolis and Saint Paul is 700 000, which is enough to earn a profit.
Customer segmentation
Our ideal client is a young man between the ages of 21 and 40, leading a healthy active lifestyle with an average income of about $75 000 a year. A customer portrait in details:
  • He/she does not want to spend money on repairing the bicycle.
  • He/she does not use the bicycle regularly.
  • He/she does not have space to store the bicycle.
  • A tourist who visits the state.
  • He/she expects new emotions and active rest.
Competitive analysis
We have found five serious competitors in the rental and four companies offering tour services. However, none of them offer a combination of these two offers. Besides, we have seen that Google reviews are not always high, which is evidence of customer dissatisfaction with the current situation.
Marketing plan
  • Place We will open two offices: one in Saint Paul and the other one — in Minneapolis. They will be located in different districts; thus, one can take a bicycle in one place and return it to the other one. The distance between the two cities is about ten miles. The client has to spend only 1.5 hours to cover this distance.
  • Price To win the market we are going to offer lower than middle pricing policy, discounts, bonuses. Sales management focuses on flexible terms. The minimal price is $35 per day for rental and $50 per day for tours. One bicycle is for one person.
  • Services Bikes for men and women are available for rental and tours. The customers can take classic, sports, fat bikes.
  • Promotion Our company will rely on local advertising, both external and online. The online marketing strategy focuses on promotion via Instagram and Facebook. Besides, we are planning to establish a website to inform people about our offers and make e-commerce transactions, as well as invest in a bike rental application.

The path from your idea to success can be shorter if you have a real plan. This is precisely what we offer here to our customers. Order now — we have prepared a nice bonus!

Financial plan

The cost structure includes both fixed elements and variable parameters.
The major expanses (during the first year)
Estimated sum, $

Renting premises for two offices (including parages) 11 500
Bicycles (60 items) 24 000
Advertising 5 000
Wages 338 000

The major expanses (during the first year)
378 500
Own funds 250 000
Required borrowed funds 128 500

We are planning to attract funding from the investor, as for now, we lack financial resources.
The balance sheet implies complicated calculations. So we’ve decided to skip this document for this business plan sample. (Yet our assistants can prepare a balance sheet for your small business as part of our writing services).
The expected income is about $400 000 in the first year. Thus, the payback period is one year.

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Opportunities and risks

SWOT analysis is a good way to demonstrate this information. However, do not forget to pay precise attention to this section when you write a real business plan for investors. SWOT analysis
  • Diversified services (bike rental and tour service)
  • Experience in tour services
  • A good team of professionals and enthusiasts
  • A lack of experience in rental service
  • Insufficient starting capital
  • Our business model is easy to copy
  • Strong growth in bike rental market
  • Healthy lifestyle trends are popular
  • Good geographical position (landscapes, architecture, favorable climate)
  • Good cycling infrastructure in Twins Cities
  • Lockdown restrictions (some sights are closed)
  • Competitors in bicycle rental business
  • Dependence on weather conditions
  • Unexpected damage of bicycles

The above episodes are just a small part of the comprehensive sample business plan. The format of this webpage does not allow us to write the whole project here. The value of helpful sample business plans is in giving the structure of the document, showing examples of crucial parts, and explaining crucial moments.

Business plan sample: valuable excerpts

When providing writing and consulting services, we often receive similar questions from our different customers. We have decided to answer the most popular of them; our assistants have selected the examples to explain everything.

Adhere to the generally accepted scheme as well as consider the purpose of this document. Make sure the sections are logical and cohesive. All in all, it must contain the points covering the short description of your company, external and internal factors, and a key strategy. You can take the above-mentioned plan as an example.

We advise you to compose this section after all the project is written. By doing so, you will easily select all the essential facts for it.

‘…The business plan presents the successful establishment of a kid’s cafe Bunny. The marketing research has shown that this niche is rather profitable and implies few competitors in the chosen district. With a focus on healthy food, it becomes a one-of-a-kind company in the town. The payback period is three years, which is attractive for the investor…’

(Excerpt from the business plan on kid’s cafe Bunny)

Whatever type of business you have, it all should start with the target audience. All the business plans are created to solve someone’s issues. Otherwise, what is the point of starting any project?

‘…Good matcha is a rather expensive product, meanwhile, it is useful for health and gaining energy, in particular. The target audience includes sportsmen, people following a healthy lifestyle, fans of Japanese culture. The best channels for distribution are social media and paid ads. We plan to collaborate with yoga studios, Japanese cafes, microbloggers promoting healthy food trends, etc. …’

(Excerpt from the sample business plan on matcha online shop)

If you require money for a startup or any other project, investors can help you with that. The only thing is to provide enough arguments, proving that your projects are worth investment. The truth is many people have significant financial resources, they are interested in good reliable projects, and trust, above all, figures.

‘…According to the business plan ‘3D printing in the architectural sphere, the initial investment is $30 0000. The chart ‘Net Profit (or Loss) by Year’ shows that the project will pay off in 2 years. The figures demonstrate that the business will bring enough profit in 3 years — $100 000…’

(Excerpt from the sample business plan on 3D printing)

We do not recommend you using a business plan sample or template for calculations. The most reliable way is to take formulas, download them in Excel and compute parameters.

(Excerpt from the sample business plan)

By doing so, you can save all the figures, easily change them, and monitor how results change.

We want to emphasize that business models and business plans are different concepts.

The first term implies business modeling aimed to describe the whole picture and the mechanism of your idea. It can demonstrate the key information on your enterprise on one sheet. As a rule, several informative blocks are enough to present the project.

The business plan is a comprehensive document covering all the aspects of your project and giving the details on it. Both of these financial documents are essential to attract investors and prove the profitability of the enterprise.

The example or template of the business plan is a helpful instrument for everyone who has to come up with this project. Learners and businessmen successfully use it, especially when it deals with the first experience in this sphere.

However, there are situations when business plan samples are not effective:

  • unique business (little-known industry);
  • a big number of complicated calculations (unconventional cash flow, difficulties with financial projections);
  • big risks (a risky industry, little-researched target market);
  • a non-standard format of the product or service,
  • a high cost of business,
  • issues with determining a competitive advantage, etc.

When it deals with something extremely challenging, unknown, or expensive, standard solutions are not always effective. The best way in one of such cases is to compose the project from scratch. The only good alternative is to turn to professional business plan writers.

Sometimes even good templates and examples are not enough, and you require a complex solution. Would you like to receive a bespoke business plan tailored to your situation, opportunities, and goals? Please, contact our support agents to discuss the details of our future cooperation!