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We offer the best deals on business plans. Due to our flexible conditions, both students and small business owners can find an optimal solution here. Choose your terms and receive your impeccable project!

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Cheap business plans without compromising the quality

We understand that various people need plans in the modern world: learners studying economics, aspiring entrepreneurs, startups founders, people who want to get started in new business, etc. A good venture does not stop at the idea. It requires calculations, analysis, strategic solutions, etc. And we are ready to do it for you. Our website offers packages of services for different budgets and goals.

Standard Writing Service

  • Compliance with deadlines
  • Qualified research and writing service
  • Small businesses
  • Reliable online support

Premium Business Plans

  • Professional business planning and writing
  • Qualified research and writing service
  • Medium businesses
  • Immediate feedback on the live chat

Exclusive Business Plans

  • Your order is the first priority
  • Cooperation with our top writer
  • Calculations for any type of business
  • Your messages are first in line in our chat

We guide you from the idea to real business success. Place your order and receive precise calculations for your projects!

Affordable services for your success

The minimal amount per page starts from $20, yet it all depends. One can use our calculator, but, please, agree on all the nuances with representatives of our client management department. The prices are discussed individually. It is because business plan writing hinges on a wide range of factors:
  • the volume of the text for the business plan,
  • the difficulty of your industry and business niche,
  • the time frames (we have a special team for urgent orders),
  • the amount of research to be done (the numbers of resources we need to study),
  • the necessity to use any additional expensive software to calculate your project (for big multidirectional businesses),
  • the openness of information about the market, company, partners, etc.
As our regular customer, you can count on some free elements of our services:
  • free online support via the chat (one can ask any questions related to the order);
  • some pages are free (the title page is free, so is the outline);
  • you do not pay for the plagiarism check (if it is necessary, we send you a report as proof of uniqueness).

Discount and bonus system

We appreciate our clients and do our best to build long-term relations with them. Thus, a pleasant system of bonuses and discounts is one of our best strategic ideas.
  • We give regular discounts on national UK and US holidays, and sometimes we do it randomly just to share good vibes.
  • Our company is glad to welcome newbies, and that is why it offers attractive discounts for the first order.
  • Regular customers deserve attention too, we have prepared an interesting loyalty system for them too.

What is included in the prices?

A business plan usually contains from twenty to fifteen pages, and it is only the tip of the iceberg. Composing the text for this document is, actually, the final part of the solid work.


The process of work on your order begins with the analysis and reviews. Our assistants study the requirements of your order, examine the market, companies that can be your competitors, funding opportunities, partners, trends in your business community, etc.


Successful business plans are built on serious calculations. Correct formulas, relevant data, and mathematical logic are essential tools for thoughtful business decisions. They constitute the basis for market and financial analysis.

The texts of the business plans

Every section beginning from the executive summary is written by a skilled author. He/she is good at English grammar. But most importantly is that this specialist has relevant educational background and experience in work with financial documents. Due to his/her maturity and wide knowledge, the text of your business plan does not contain any grammar or stylistic mistakes. Correct terms and punctuation are guaranteed.

Visual objects

Our assistants can build complicated visual objects with the help of state-of-the-art software. We know from experience that investors appreciate bright and informative slides. To demonstrate the attractiveness of your startup or any other business, we create spot-on presentations, with suitable charts, diagrams, tables, pictures, etc.


It is impossible to write good business plans in a couple of days, so the work process can last for a week or even longer. We keep you informed about all stages. You could use our chat to ask questions whenever you wish. The support team works without days off and breaks.


Every business plan is meticulously checked by our editor and proofreader. By doing so, we ensure the impeccable quality of the final draft. Every word and symbol is attentively revised so that to guarantee the success of your business plan.

Our team can create your business plans at the best prices! Let’s discuss our cooperation in the chat.

Business plan writing: The best deals for your money

We have established this enterprise to help the maximum number of customers with financial documents. If you require to write a business plan for your startup, a future enterprise, or a college project, our portal is just the right place.

It is here where you receive in-depth business planning, comprehensive calculations, and solid presentations at minimal possible prices. You can be absolutely sure about our reliability, and pricing policy, in particular. We build our business on a strong system of rules and standards.

Principles of our pricing strategies


We believe that every client has a right to know what he pays for. In our case, it is always about a fruitful investment and transparent terms. Our agency does not hide any extra payments or any other information concerning our business. Besides, we never overcharge our services, as every custom business plan is a contribution to our reputation.


We understand that a business plan is not a simple assignment. Standard approaches to its pricing do not work. The value of the professional business plan is not a matter of the text volume. Its significance lies in thoughtful research, precise calculations, and well-founded conclusions. That is why we take every order individually and consider the clients’ expectations attentively.

Price justification

We can justify the costs of the business plans prepared by our writers, as well as explain all the financial issues related to this service. Everything we create here is worth every cent you pay for it. Our prices are reflections of intellectual effort, analytical skills, and trustworthy consultant services. So the decision to hire our specialists brings you tangible outcomes. 

Our client-oriented marketing strategy

The affordable cost of our services is the result of serious optimization, business planning, and well-organized processes. We hire true professionals and invest in intellectual resources to cope with plans for your businesses in the shortest terms. This approach eventually minimizes the price of one business plan.

Do not overpay for your projects. We complete your orders on the best terms!

Types of business plans

On this website, you can find various types of cooperation. Firstly, you can order the comprehensive business plan here. We call this type of service the most expensive one. Meanwhile, every dollar is worth it. In this case, you receive a perfectly written business project for your specific goals (i.e. to find loans, prove the profitability of your plan). In case you want to minimize the final costs, you can:
  • choose a longer deadline,
  • order only separate chapters of the plan (marketing research, strategic analysis, etc.),
  • ask about available discounts.

We offer wide diversification of plans for your companies

According to the size of the enterprise:
  • for small business, startup,
  • for the medium-sized venture,
  • for big corporations.
According to the purpose:
  • plans aimed to attract investors,
  • business plans for grants,
  • a project to receive a specific loan (from the bank or any other financial organization, including SBA).
Depending on the volume of the ordered project:
  • a full plan containing all the necessary sections, annexes,
  • evaluation of the business investment,
  • a business model,
  • a financial model,
  • a business presentation,
  • marketing analysis,
According to the format of the service:
  • a business plan in Google docs file,
  • a presentation of the business plan (slides, PDF, simple video slideshow).
Depending on the character of the service:
  • writing a business plan from scratch,
  • editing your draft of the business plan,
  • consultations (online) on the business plan prepared by our author,
  • research of materials (analysis of marketing resources, business opportunities),
  • rewriting of your business plan or any of its section,
  • proofreading of any business documents,
  • revision of your business plan.
You can order any kind of the above services; any combination is available. Please, contact our consultants to discuss the price of your order and the number of the necessary services.

Do you need professional advice on your project? Contact our consultant via online chat.

The pitfalls of extremely cheap services

We feel obliged to warn you about some unpleasant surprises you might encounter outside our company.
  • Beware of too cheap business plan services. It seems weird when they ask $10 per page for the project.
  • It is a bad sign when online companies do not discuss the project and set the price at once. It is not clear if your expectations will be met.
Note that these two cases are absolutely not about our service.

High-quality business plans can be affordable. Let us prove this fact — place your order.

What are some good variants to create startups or launch small businesses with a budget under $1000?

One can establish a worthwhile company even with minimal investment. Here are some examples of such businesses:
  • healthy meals delivery,
  • dried flowers shop,
  • event agency for children,
  • organization of board games,
  • Internet store of wooden toys.
If you have become interested in one of the above projects, order our business planning service. We will make all the necessary calculations.

Your little and big projects can get started here. Send us your assignment or describe your business ideas. Let us do our job. We guarantee well-grounded and correctly calculated plans, as it is the only constructive way to demonstrate a real situation. Order here.